Weight Loss and Wellness Program

weightloss.jpgOur nurse practitioner Molly Singletary and office manager Ebony Baker will work with you to help you change behaviors and eating to help you lose weight and feel better.

We have a medically supervised weight loss program that will start you on the road to significant weight loss over 12 weeks.  It combines behavior and eating analysis with a very low carbohydrate diet using products only available through a medical office.  This program involves substituting regular meals with bars, shakes and meal substitutes. If you follow the program and don’t cheat, we GUARANTEE you will lose considerable weight.  We will gradually reintroduce meals as you progress.  Some patients have chosen to continue substituting one meal a day with our products to help maintain the weight loss.

Some patients, considering bariatric surgery, have started on our program to help them lose weight, since some insurance companies will not cover bariatric surgery without demonstration of the patient’s ability to lose weight.

Especially for diabetics, the program will dramatically reduce your reliance on medications.  Patients have been able to stop insulin and medications as they lose weight.