Focused on Internal Medicine and Geriatric Care

The secret to caring for the patient is to care about the patient
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Dr Newman is Board-certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. Doris Jankovits is a CRNP, a registered nurse with extensive additional training in diagnosing and treating illness.  She specializes in preventive care, wellness and geriatrics and is a vital member of our team. Doris has worked in Gastroinestinal disease for University Hospitals, but as an Oberlin resident, was happy to stop commuting.  We will miss Molly Singletary, with us for years, but welcome Doris to the practice

We care for the whole patient and promote wellness through aggressive preventive care.

We specialize in managing chronic illnesses:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Asthma
  • COPD, emphysema
  • Arthritis and chronic pain
  • Added expertise in care of the oldest patients

Our Mission.

Our care is based on developing and maintaining a continuous healing relationship with our patients.  We share medical knowledge and customize care according to patient needs and values so that the patient is empowered and encouraged to make changes leading toward a healthier lifestyle.

Healing is always possible even if cure is not.


Comprehensive Primary Care Plus initiative 

This selective initiative is based on CMS’ goal of transforming medical care from traditional fee for service care, in which doctors are paid more for seeing more patients and performing more procedures, to a system in which doctors are held accountable for improved care and outcomes, improved patient satisfaction, and lower overall cost. These goals will create value for all.  read more...

Health Mantra...


Everything in your life is based on the choices made in the past and the ones you make every day. 

Blaming your parents, your past or current relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, arguments, or age isn't helpful or productive. 

You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice that you make. 

Simply accepting that each choice matters is the first step to making better choices

We’re here to help you make those choices.



Our Electronic Health Record and Patient Portal means that you can have access 24/7 for appointment scheduling, lab test review, prescription refill requests,  non-emergency questions for the doctors and staff as well as reviewing and paying your bills online. In addition, we can upload to and receive information about you from a large network of specialists THE SAME DAY.

You are able to preregister for the portal when you first make an appointment and can fill out much of the paperwork and history online.  You can set a password yourself.  Our web page: has a link to the portal; just click it and enter your password.  The site is encrypted and firewall- protected. We treat your health information with care.



If you use your cell phone a lot, you can download the Healow app from the Apple store or the Android store. It is your always-on connection to your OIMA portal and the practice 24/7.  Want to leave a message for us?  Want to make an appointment without going through the front desk?  Want to review lab and x-ray results?  Healow allows you to do all of that---On Your Phone!  Sign up today.

Access your health records through the healow mobile app.  Find us using our unique practice code on the healow app:  DACCAA

Patient Feedback

We are sincerely interested in your opinions about how well we are doing in the office.  Your participation in taking a quick survey is very appreciated.  Please click here to answer a few questions.

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